Recommendation for THE BASICS as Study Guide

Hello Rhonda, I met you when you presented for CMHA Peel Region in Ontario, Canada, and I got your book THE BASICS. I was talking with you about getting my CCDP Certification (IC&RC Co-Occurring Disorders Professional) the end of April after my first attempt had failed in December.

It was a bonus when I used THE BASICS as the Study Guide for the exam. I also spent more time on SAMHSA TIP 42 (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – Treatment Improvement Protocol) after you mentioned it in your training. Now it all made sense! Through that experience, I found a lot of the questions in the exam were more understood…so there was no room for error from guessing or memorizing materials.

I retained more information when it was presented as an application and not theory. I know for sure your book, time, and effort helped me tremendously with my test. I passed the test in April! I am grateful if I can help someone else that may also be struggling to pass the test. Your book was definitely a huge help.

Bottom line, your book is easy to comprehend, uses simple basic language, and is easy to apply when working with the clients. THE BASICS is a must for all counselors to have.

I will carry this gratitude forever and will pass it to others – especially clients – who will benefit from my knowledge, and skills. Your book gave that opportunity to me.”

Theresia Yunta
The Salvation Army
Hope Acres; Glencairn, Ontario

From Rhonda: Theresia, it was such a pleasure meeting you in Ontario. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and success with me. I am equally grateful! Congratulations and the very best of wishes to you. Rhonda 

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