From Rhonda McKillip

There are heroes who walk among us everywhere – from along the street to each
dwelling (ranging from handmade shelters under bridges to houses) – and to every profession. I have had the honor and privilege of learning from and interacting with many individuals around the world. My life has been enriched by the social, economic, racial, ethnic, and religious diversity of those who generously taught me and shared with me their individuality within their group, as well as their group diversity.

In my particular profession I have found two sets of heroes. My first group of heroes are those who struggle with the challenges of individual and co-occurring disorders, in spite of symptoms, roadblocks, funding, housing issues, and system difficulties. They are amazing as they experience one hurdle after another – when just one of these problems has the potential to devastate most of us. My second group of heroes are those providing services in an empathetic and hopeful way – in spite of their own emotional responses to the struggles of these individuals, funding cuts, and system complications. My life has been deepened beyond measure and I am forever grateful.

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