Benefits of THE BASICS for Individuals

The benefits for the individual of THE BASICS, Second Edition in treatment includes giving each person the opportunity to:

  • Receive consistent psychoeducation in groups, in individual sessions, and throughout a system of care from a cohesive treatment team.
  • Enhance understanding of their diagnoses and the symptom management that works for them personally and is relevant to their disorder(s).
  • Gain psychoeducational knowledge and a treatment focus that is inclusive of specific populations such as: 1. Gender; 2. Cultural, Racial, and Ethnicity Diversity; 3. Seniors or Elders; and 4. GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) population.
  • Experience increased self-efficacy (confidence in the ability to exert control over one’s own motivation, behavior, and social environment) as each treatment participant is called on to gauge their own stage of readiness for change, along with specific worksheets and discussions to identify and sort through ambivalence (I want to change, but I don’t want to change).
  • Benefit from an atmosphere conducive to participants internalizing the subject material – instead of being “told” information in a general, lecture format – by interacting with other group members. All essential ingredients in the process of change.
  • Practice skills with the use of the Worksheet Handouts and Group Exercises applicable to each curriculum subject where each person is given the opportunity to personalize the curriculum content to meet their specific experiences.
  • Gain understanding and acceptance of fellow participants through educational content that honors the richness and strength of diversity found within every group and each group participant.
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