It is an honor that The International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium endorses THE BASICS, Second Edition for the Alcohol & Drug Counselor (ADC) and the Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor (AADC) as well as endorsing the curriculum as a “must have” for Co-Occurring Disorders Professionals.

Note: Additional and more detailed information on the IC&RC can be found on the menu item IC&RC Credentials.

About IC&RC

IC&RC promotes public protection by setting standards and developing examinations for the credentialing and licensing of prevention, substance use treatment, and recovery professionals.

Quality and integrity are the foundation of IC&RC’s work. IC&RC’s credentials use the latest research on evidence-based practices. They are updated every five years and subjected to an extensive process of peer review. IC&RC examinations are based on formal Job Analyses, written by subject matter experts, and supported by current references. 

Organized in 1981, IC&RC has 73 member certification and licensing boards in 48 U.S. states and territories, four Native American regions, all branches of the U.S. military and 11 international regions. Representing more than 50,000 professionals, IC&RC is the global leader in the credentialing of prevention, substance use treatment, and recovery professionals. 


IC&RC promotes public protection by offering internationally-recognized credentials and examinations for prevention, substance use treatment, and recovery professionals.


IC&RC will be the globally recognized resource for prevention, substance use treatment, and recovery credentialing.

The History of IC&RC

The largest credentialing organization in the world began with a vision of a unified field of alcohol and drug counselors. For several years, it seemed as if this concept could not succeed, until a small group found a way to bridge the differences between states.

The IC&RC has made a tremendous contribution around the world. Professionals gain expertise and knowledge which then benefits the individual receiving services. Thank you IC&RC for your dedication to quality care.

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