Implementation of Consistency

Subject Reviews & Training/Teaching Guides
Detailed Curriculum Divisions and Lesson Plans for Complete Program Development

Consistency is essential in any profession – most especially in the treatment of chronic disorders. Areas where consistency is crucial include program development, staff training, psychoeducational material, and the therapeutic approach as well. Yet, consistency is only helpful if it is implemented and put into action from one professional to another, from agency to agency, and from group to group.

Yet, how do we connect the evidence-based science to the service delivery? How can a professional provide basic integrated co-occurring capable treatment without the tools to provide it? Well, I developed a few tools that might bridge that gap:

On my website you’ll find: (1) Subject Reviews & Training/Teaching Guides for staff training and curriculum review; (2) Detailed Curriculum Division Examples for program development to put the curriculum into practice; and (3) Detailed Lesson Formats (100) containing facilitation instructions in a step-by-step format – including topic-specific processing questions and group exercises not located in the curriculum.

Hope you find these helpful, Rhonda McKillip
Author of THE BASICS, Second Edition

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