Training Participant Responses

Positive validation with participation – that is very refreshing and with humor!

Instructor is observant – may not be a “mind-reader” but responds to what she sees. This workshop was much appreciated. Thank you.

Excellent. I like the fact that you took opinions/thoughts from Thursday and implemented them into Friday’s training. Normally you do not see these kinds of skills put to use.

You are extremely informative and very easy to listen to. I like your examples and it is very clear you like what you are doing

I learned a great deal. Especially from a motivation reminder to not judge addiction from a mental health perspective – thank you!

Very responsive to group’s interests without getting off topic.

Rhonda is a true delight! Any topic that she does a workshop on would draw a sizable group.

I have confidence the instructor knew the material she was presenting. Rhonda is a great resource person – references intermingled into the training to give further information. I look forward to her book. I appreciate stories/examples to cement in my brain the point being taught.

Loved the anecdotes and the quotes to use to pique client’s interest, grab their attention.

Thank you for an excellent training, and two days of learning & sharing that has been great for me!

Speaker was interesting and dynamic!

Excellent presenter. Very knowledgeable and enthused about subject area. Rhonda was very personable and involved the attendees! She is as good as they come. Bring Rhonda back for more facilitation.

Very pragmatic & realistic – holistic.

Excellent! This presenter should be given more time to present. I could have listened to her all day and would love to have more time allotted to gain from her knowledge.

Got some great ideas from your personal way of looking at things!

I thought you did a wonderful job presenting the information & the stories you told validated the point you wanted to hit home.

Excellent presentation! I particularly liked that you included specific stories of clients so information could be applied specifically to working with people and not just a system approach.

Absolutely outstanding! I learned so much, had my thinking greatly stimulated and am feeling hopeful about the goal of implementing a fully integrated approach in this town.