For Rhonda McKillip

Rhonda Mckillip


Theresa Mahar, MSW
Director of Social Work
Eastern State Hospital

832-23 * PO Box A * Medical Lake, WA

I am writing to thank you for the excellent MICA presentation by Rhonda McKillip. Ms. McKillip provided the Eastern State Hospital MICA team with a thorough introduction to the program she has been developing. The resource materials were valuable in assisting us to understand the many steps involved in developing MICA Services. One of our primary focuses is to ensure continuity of care by knowing and possibly using the programs already developed in the community. Ms. McKillip has been very helpful in this process. She is open, answers questions readily and has extensive background and knowledge in the field. I appreciate Spokane Mental Health’s willingness to share her services and look forward to her next visit in March.

Mark Brownlow


South 812 Walnut
Spokane, WA 99204
Tel: 624-3251

Rhonda McKillip has worked as a professional consultant with the SPARC agency since September 1999. She has provided ongoing co-occurring mental and substance related disorder program development in the form of client educational curriculum, identifying staff and program service needs, providing staff training and clinical supervision of counselors. Rhonda’s knowledge on co-occurring disorders as well as her high level of energy and commitment has helped our agency provide more relevant services to this client population.

Marilyn Wilson, M.A.
Clinical Director


Spokane, WA 99202
FAX (509) 458-7449
TDD (509) 624-0004

Rhonda McKillip coordinated and facilitated multiple co-occurring mental and substance disorders training for SMH in the areas of care, referral, treatment philosophies, techniques and program development. Her training presentations occurred in-house, in the Spokane community, at the Washington State level and even nationally. All were well-attended and received high-evaluation marks. Her broad based knowledge of the topic and the detail she puts into presentation preparation and handouts are always very evident. She is an enthusiastic and engaging trainer.

Rich Colon signature

Rick ColÓn
AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison
United Way of Spokane


AFL-CIO Community Services liaison logo

Rick Colon
AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison
Labor’s Community Services Liaison Program

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in the education of working people in Spokane. Your presentation was very well received by the entire class and a substantial amount of information was transferred from your presentation. I personally would like to thank you for giving your time, talent, and information to those who attended the counselor class as well as myself. The opportunity to learn from someone of your caliber was greatly appreciated.

Jeff Thomas signature

Jeff Thomas
MSW, Ed.D.
Executive Director


Family Service Spokane
7 S Howard, Suite 321
Spokane, Washington 99201
(509) 838-4128

As a trainer and consultant, Rhonda McKillip has played an instrumental role in Family Service Spokane’s activities directed toward providing quality clinical services to individuals with co-occurring disorders. The knowledge and expertise she has shared with the agency’s clinical staff via training has been very valuable. In addition, Family Service Spokane’s Dual Recovery Group was developed with Rhonda’s close consultation, using the educational curriculum she has developed. She brings the highest level of commitment, enthusiasm and expertise to her work.

University of Washington School of Medicine

Angela Pischel
Program Assistant
MEDEX Northwest, Physician Assistant Program (1999)

Angela Pischel signatureUniveristy of Washington School of Medicine logo
Speaking for the MEDEX Northwest program, thank you for your participation in the education of the Physician Assistant students. Your experience and knowledge with the subject matter, Behavioral Science II, Drug Abuse was evident and made an impact on our first year PA Students.

The students seemed to really relate well with you. Your professionalism and attention to details is exactly what these first year students needed. We appreciate your help and taking time out of your busy schedule to further increase our students’ learning. Thank you.


Charles R. Buchanan, Executive Director, signature

West 601 Francis Avenue
Spokane, Washington 99205

Rhonda McKillip is a phenomenally skilled and resourceful, caring supervisor and therapist. As a manager she was thorough and consistent. She did an outstanding job of running our treatment program. She assembled manuals, handouts, staff resources, monitoring name it, she had a good idea for it! Rhonda has an incredible talent for meeting clients where they “are at” and moving with them through their own resistance toward change. I’ve never met anyone who can confront as inoffensively as her. She simply has superb communication skills, and they worked equally well with clients and staff. She was also excellent in working with persons from different cultural perspectives. I relied heavily on Rhonda to handle the more difficult clients, to make sure other counselors were doing appropriate case management and charting, and to bring group therapy to life here in the agency.

Dixie Grunenfelder
Training Director
Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (2001)


I would like to recommend Rhonda McKillip for training and consultation services involving co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse disorders.

I have served as Training Director for the Department of Social and Health Services’ Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA) for over seven years, and been involved in numerous training events concerning the topic of co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse disorders, including: workshops, regional conferences, and on-site consultation.

Rhonda McKillip has been called upon to present and offer technical assistance on numerous occasions.  She is a dynamic presenter, and received excellent participant evaluations. She is also very professional and easy to work with from a logistics standpoint. Please feel free to call me at (360) 438-8219 for further information.


Rhonda McKillip is a trainer for the Washington Institute for Mental Illness Research and Training. She provided many two-day sessions for us on Implementing Co-Occurring Disorders Therapy during this year. This was an intensive schedule with workshops programmed all over the state of Washington.Ms. McKillip’s sessions received accolades and appreciation from participants. The participants, and the Institute, are grateful for her depth of knowledge about co-occurring disorders and her effectiveness in communicating this knowledge.In addition to her technical skill as a clinician and a trainer, Ms. McKillip displays her commitment to this client population. This quality is motivating, and often inspirational to the trainees. I heartily recommend Ms. McKillip as a trainer in the field.

Phone: (509) 258-7314