Lesson Plans

Consistent lesson formats to assist facilitators and staff in focusing on one topic
at a time of co-occurring psychiatric and substance disorders. A tailor-made psychoeducational
treatment program that can be adapted to meet the needs of any facility/agency.

The search for psychoeducational content on dual diagnosis typically comes in three forms:

  1. Books written to the professional; the professional then needs to transfer the learning and education into a curriculum format.
  2. Brief workbooks with processing and group discussion questions; the professional then needs to find the comprehensive psychoeducation to fully learn the information on specific topics such as Self-Esteem, Nutrition, Stress Management, and even Neurochemistry, etc.
  3. Curriculum content that has no interactive group exercises; the professional needs to develop the skill building exercises to assist the person in implementing the education presented in group in order to create an actual learning experience.

The curriculum of THE BASICS spans 1,200+ pages of Eight Subjects, Four Drug Appendices, Two Cross-Training Appendices, and 50+ pages of reproducible worksheets and inspirational handouts. That’s a lot of material! With that in mind, there are curriculum divisions literally put into each of the Eight Subjects – dividing each of the Eight Subjects into Four Sections. Additional suggestions for curriculum divisions are also found in the “Master Tips to Professionals.“

Yet, it still posed a challenge for many facilitators, therapists, counselors, and service providers to further divide the curriculum into more usable chunks – while also maintaining a consistent group structure. Another challenge was many counselors were unsure of what to ask or how to further explore specific topics after the presentation of the psychoeducation material. In other words, they needed suggestions of topic processing questions to turn the psychoeducation into an individual learning experience for each group participant.

Divide the curriculum into 100 single group topics of approximately 10-15 pages of THE BASICS each. Design lesson plans to transfer the psychoeducation into a clear format providing consistency within each group setting. Include suggested instructions to group facilitators in each lesson format and suggested time-frames for each section.

Strive to enhance the learning opportunity for each group participant by including suggestions for processing questions and skill building exercises. Structure the skill building discussions and exercises to help each person individualize the psychoeducation in the lesson plan and/or the skill to be practiced.

Organize each lesson plan or individual topic division to include:

  •  Specific psychoeducational content, and
  •  Location of the material in The Basics, Second Edition, and
  •  Handouts and group exercises to be used in each group, and
  •  Suggested topic processing questions throughout each lesson plan.

Design the lesson/group formats to include a consistent group structure of:

Organize the divisions by treatment focus to allow service providers to pick which ones to include in their program. Have each format available at a click – at no cost – so staff can use as many as they want. Just a few topics include:

Lesson Plans