Consistent psychoeducational curriculum from agency to agency, from group to group, and from service provider to service provider. Most therapists, counselors, and other service providers have been primarily trained or educated along one track, either in mental health disorders or in substance use disorders. The integrated treatment approach calls for each field to develop the […]

Lesson Plans

Consistent lesson formats to assist facilitators and staff in focusing on one topic at a time of co-occurring psychiatric and substance disorders. A tailor-made psychoeducational treatment program that can be adapted to meet the needs of any facility/agency. The search for psychoeducational content on dual diagnosis typically comes in three forms: Books written to the […]

Study Guides

Consistent and continuous cross-training and review on Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders for current staff, as well as incoming new staff. Attending trainings, seminars, and workshops are extremely valuable to all staff members and service providers. It’s essential for staff who have been primarily trained or educated in working with individuals with Psychiatric Disorders […]